Such A Long Way

such a long way copy
Rims long been pillaged. Doors and seats pulled out. The burned-out BMW sat on the edge of the creek that flows out of Lake Tahoe. Inside the abandoned luxury vehicle, a playlist titled “Such A Long Way


C H A O S in the fixed system

CHAOS - cover
Mixtape #30

The final dodo mix is here. Joyful for a little chaos. Sour with a little regret. But celebratory at the promise of the new and collapse of the ephemeral.

Let’s go out with a bang!

As we watch crumble the altars of planned obsolescence.  Let the decrepits halls of haunted shopping malls ring out. For one glorious, fluorescent night…

And at the end we’ll dream of how it all started: Astral Exploration

CHAOS - back

  1. All Together Now – Andre 3000
  2. Straight Jacket – Bay Ledges
  3. Good Shit – WORLDS
  4. something for your M.I.N.D. – Superorganism
  5. Up All Night – Beck
  6. Back of the Car – RAC
  7. Oooh – Donnie Castle
  8. I Miss That Feeling – Tennis
  9. Back For Me – Electric Guest
  10. Los Ageless – St. Vincent
  11. High Enough – K. Flay
  12. Lucy – Museums
  13. Better – EZRA
  14. I Know How You Get – mk.gee
  15. Divina – Mons Vi
  16. Lucky Girl – Fazerdaze
  17. Brother Sun – SEE TAI
  18. Talk a Lot – SALES
  19. Mai Love (Brothertiger Remix) – GVgrace
  20. Space Song – Beach Body

 Download it here !

Thanks for all the egg hunts.


Adios, Dodo

bye dodo

10 years ago I started Dodonest to share fun mixes of indie and electronic music.

29 dope playlists later and I’m quite happy with how the project went.  I received much support, thousands of downloads, and even a few words from some actual bands that i highlighted in the early years.

Thank you for being a follower of Dodonest and I hope you have enjoyed listening to my playlists.

So with an eye on future projects in the horizon, I want to end it on a high note with my funnest mix ever. It promises to be all kinds of hype with old indie favorites as well as underground acts.

Stay tuned, edition 30 is coming soon.

thank you, from The Darchives
still the most popular download

Do You Want Some Fish Sticks?

Presenting the least-pretentious album title to date, with artwork to match.
Some great mellow gold in here to bring in the cold weather.

Fish in a stick
Fish sticks…. do you want them?
  1. Killing Jar – Marcus Marr & Chet Fakerr
  2. Badcat – BLISSS
  3. Torrey Pine – Chris Cohen
  4. Pumpkin spice season is back – DRENCH FRIES
  5. Cut – TENDER
  6. Foxglove – Haarm
  7. Soon To Be, Won’t To Be – Diane Coffee
  8. Can’t See At All – WOODS
  9. Haikus – New Romantics
  10. De-pression – Jesse
  11. Call (Feat. Cole Bauer) (Prod. Matatabi) – Ben Beal
  12. Lately – POLIÇA
  13. Nighttime Hunger – Overcoats
  14. Crazy Bird – Wild Child
  15. Bad Baby – Sarah Jaffe
  16. Blue Bucket of Gold (Sufjan Remix) – Sufjan Stevens
  17. The Stomach Of The Earth – Teen Suicide
  18. Jupiter – Swimming Tv
  19. Skype w/ Ellipsis – Bramanti

Click the pic to download, or go here

A Soundtrack for Somnonauts

D O D O N E S T presents half an hour of non-stop chill/ambient electronica. Perfect for working, painting, or lucid dreaming.

  • Forever 1 – Hudson Mohawke
  • F I R S T W O R L D – First World
  • Full Colour – Best Friend
  • Bones – SleeperzzZ
  • Goddamn Banana – Mountie
  • tbh ily – Chet Porter
  • Hollie – iamforest
  • Beyond The Infinite – Brothertiger

Also on Vimeo:

ENDLESS CODA – A Soundtrack for Somnonauts


Endless Coda: A Somnonaut’s Soundtrack

Working on adding all these sweet tracks to my ultra chill mix, but most can’t be found on youtube…. maybe i’ll bake a full-out video with all the ingredients. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out the work in progress-> Youtube playlist: Endless Coda

Oh yes, Click me, you dirty nebulous interstellar being, you!

(no particular order …yet)

  • F I R S T W O R L D – F I R S T W O R L D
  • Full Colour – Best Friend
  • Hollie – iamforest
  • tbh ily – Chet Porter
  • Forever 1 (Cashmere Cat Edit) – Hudson Mohawke
  • Soon To Be, Won’t To Be – Diane Coffee
  • Ambling Alp (Yeasayer Cover) – Memoryy & Brothertiger
  • Bones – SleeperzzZ
  • Blue Bucket of Gold (Sufjan Remix) – Sufjan Stevens
  • Run Feat. Brothertiger – Germany Germany
  • Amazing (Portugal. The Man Cover) – Kanye West
  • Nighttime Hunger – Overcoats
  • Beyond The Infinite – Brothertiger
  • White Wolves (Teen Daze Remix) – Bravestation
  • The Stomach Of The Earth – Teen Suicide
  • Goddamn Banana – Mountie
  • Jupiter – Swimming Tv
  • Cut – TENDER
  • Can’t See At All – Woods

Hipbilly Happenings

It’s been a deep, dark, hot summer. Bright lights in night scenes, break through the hazy atmosphere. Cursed 2017 is half-over and all we want is to turn the music louder.  So inundate your senses with electrophonic noise of every color. It;s been a deep, dark, hot summer. Bright lights in night scenes, break through the hazy atmosphere. Cursed 2017 is half-over and all we want is to turn the music louder.  So inundate your senses with electrophonic noise of every color.


  1. Radio – Sylvan Esso
  2. On + Off – Maggie Rogers
  3. Can I Sit Next To You – Spoon
  4. Friendship – Chicano Batman
  5. Good With God (ft. Brandi Carlile) – Old 97’s
  6. Look At What The Light Did Now (Little Wing cover) – Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White
  7. Mama Said – Cat Clyde
  8. The System Only Dreams in Darkness – The National
  9. Contéstame – Mascarada
  10. Somebody – Dream Wife
  11. Do You Feel It? – Chaos Chaos
  12. Gold – Chet Faker
  13. Cold Cold Cold – Cage The Elephant
  14. Feel It Still (Portugal The Man cover) – The Chamanas
  15. Hands – Violet Sands
  16. Until The End – Jordan F & Vast Hill
  17. Wide Open (ft. Beck) – The Chemical Brothers
  18. Yellow – Gourmet
  19. Heatwave – Synthetic World 859

Download .zip file with all the MP3s here !

Youtube playlist *Mascarada’s track is nowehere to be found on YT, unfortunately, so i’ve replaced it with a new Sara Jaffe song.

’til the MORNing

The DodoNest 2016 winter mix is out now, and  personally, this feels like one my best ones 🙂 There are some wonderful new tracks in here, most from this year, from both underground and well-know artists.

Michael Kiwanuka is an upcoming blues musician that gets you to feel the groove in “One More Night.” I already had my tickets to see him perform but he got throat infection or something and cancelled. UGH! 2016 just gotta carry on being a shit like that. 🙄 

Come” is an amazing, upbeat song by an eclectic young French artist named Jain who comes at you with a big sound you can’t help but move to.  A lot of great indie rock tracks that have gotten me through this ugly butt0-end of the year. (“Get Out” by Frightened Rabbit is my mantra right now).

Funky, groovy, and upbeat but with a hints of remorse. That’s the theme in this mix.
Better things are coming, so just hold on… ’til the morning!

  1. Cold Cold Man – Saint Motel
  2. Fever – Roosevelt
  3. One More Night – Michael Kiwanuka
  4. Come – Jain
  5. Conqueror – AURORA
  6. Grand Canyon – The Wind and The Wave
  7. Silly Me – Yeasayer
  8. My Trigger – Miike Snow
  9. Get Out – Frightened Rabbit
  10. Be Together (ft. Wild Belle) – Major Lazer
  11. Long Way Down – Robert DeLong
  12. Tearing Me Up – Bob Moses
  13. Legendary – POWERS
  14. Devotion – Savoir Adore
  15. Jenny – Studio Killers
  16. Annie (VHS version) – Neon Indian
  17. When I Was Done Dying – Dan Deacon

Thanks for stopping by the Dodonest. Download the mix here

If you can’t download, stream the videos on my YouTube playlist

(Spotify playlist coming soon)

name this album

fvck2016New winter mix for 2016 is about to drop, but i still cant decide what to title it. HAHAHA! Usually i say something “deeep” or someshit but im SO done with this horrible year i just wanna call it FUCKOFF2016GOODRIDDANCE!


This year has, however, been good for music. And given all the madness that has come this year and the angst we are about to receive 2017 with, i am actually hopeful we will see a resurgence of music as retaliation, and perhaps some fresh new fight-the-machine anthems … gleams of light as we stare into the coming darkness

stay musical, comrades