Do You Want Some Fish Sticks?

Presenting the least-pretentious album title to date, with artwork to match.
Some great mellow gold in here to bring in the cold weather.

Fish in a stick
Fish sticks…. do you want them?
  1. Killing Jar – Marcus Marr & Chet Fakerr
  2. Badcat – BLISSS
  3. Torrey Pine – Chris Cohen
  4. Pumpkin spice season is back – DRENCH FRIES
  5. Cut – TENDER
  6. Foxglove – Haarm
  7. Soon To Be, Won’t To Be – Diane Coffee
  8. Can’t See At All – WOODS
  9. Haikus – New Romantics
  10. De-pression – Jesse
  11. Call (Feat. Cole Bauer) (Prod. Matatabi) – Ben Beal
  12. Lately – POLIÇA
  13. Nighttime Hunger – Overcoats
  14. Crazy Bird – Wild Child
  15. Bad Baby – Sarah Jaffe
  16. Blue Bucket of Gold (Sufjan Remix) – Sufjan Stevens
  17. The Stomach Of The Earth – Teen Suicide
  18. Jupiter – Swimming Tv
  19. Skype w/ Ellipsis – Bramanti

Click the pic to download, or go here

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