We’ll Miss You, Seba Jun (repost)

As a throwback to the old Dodonest days, I am reposting this classic mix of hip-hop jazz goodness. As of today, this is my most-downloaded mix. It has tallied over a thousand downloads…. wow!  Goes to show how timeless this guy’s music really is, and how more and more people are getting hip to his legacy. Years go on and still these jams sound so fresh and enlightening. They age like wine!

So in an effort to reach out to more ears, I re-present We’ll Miss You, Jun Seba- a Dodonest’s Nujabes retrospective. 😉 Rest in peace, Nujabes, and thanks for all the musical bliss.

[as originally posted on Dodonest; September 21, 2010]

“It’s funny how the music put time in perspective, add a soundtrack to your life and perfect it” – Shing02, Luv(Sic)Pt.3

I can’t believe it’s only been a few months since Nujabes‘ passing. Personally, no other artist has left such an impression upon his/her death like him. It seems his absence left a large void in my musical heart. Perhaps because I was turned onto his music during a particularly enjoyable time in my life, his passing symbolized an end to that mirthful chapter.

As a change of pace from the usual indie stuff, I’m digging into my “urban” side (LOL) and sharing with you what made hip-hop not only enjoyable to me but maybe even therapeutic. This playlist is an homage to the music that comprises the soundtrack to your life.

—–We’ll Miss You, Seba Jun—–

  1. Next View*
  2. Sky Is Falling (feat. C.L. Smooth)
  3. Luv (Sic) (feat. Shing02)
  4. Ordinary Joe (feat. Terry Callier)
  5. Latitude (Remix) (feat. Five Deez)
  6. Blessin’ It (feat. Pase Rock & Substantial)
  7. Feather (Feat. Cise Starr & Akin)
  8. Luv (Sic) Part 2 (feat. Shing02)
  9. Modal Soul*
  10. Aurorian Dance*
  11. Don’t Even Try It (feat. Funky DL)
  12. Old Light (93 Million Miles Away) (feat. Pase Rock)
  13. Luv (Sic) Part 3 (feat. Shing 02)
  14. Highs To Lows Remix Feat Cise Starr (Street)
  15. Home Sweet Home (feat. Substantial)
  16. Thank You (feat. Apani B)
  17. F.I.L.O. (First In Last Out) (feat. Shing 02)
  18. Think Different (feat. Substantial)
  19. Summer Gipsy*
  20. 四季ノ唄 Shiki no Ūta (Song of the Season)

Choice cuts: the incredibly romantic Luv(Sic) Trilogy; the mind-altering Think Different with Substantial (this song changed my entire perspective about hip-hop vs rap); a couple of rarities including the intro instrumental, Next View, the Highs To Lows Remix with Cise Starr, and another Shing02 track, First In Last Out; and to bring the set to a close, the ending theme to Samurai Champloo, Shiki no Ūta… I get teary-eyed just thinking about it.

Some of his best hip-hop tracks line the way here. But because Nujabes was first and foremost a producer, I decided to include a few of his compositions without an MC (denoted by *). These beautiful instrumental pieces come in as interludes, of sorts. Between the emceeing and high-energy beats, I thrown in a couple of Nujabes’ most hear-felt rhythms & harmonies including: Modal Soul, which features the wonderful saxophone melodies of Uyama Hiroto; the often-imitated classical guitar style of Aurorian Dance; and the coffee house sounds of Summer Gypsy, whose delightfully-deceptive dance club intro and outro always makes me smile.

All you hip-hop fanatics, ENJOY!Jun Seba, we will miss you dearly.

DodoNest presents:

We’ll Miss You 瀬葉淳
Selections from the late and great Nujabes

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