Been a longtime coming, but the sequel to Spring ♣ Fling is here!

Lovely new music from popular new artists like #WildClub and #Midlake (which i was fortunate enough to see open for Pearl Jam recently 😮 ); a beautiful soundscape i can’t get away from by #WashedOut, other favorite artists like #Phantogram and #NeonIndian. A surprise mash-up (slash) and/or cover by the versatile #JackConte #Pomplamoose

Spring Fling II
Birdman mixtape# 12 – art by Akane
  1. Thunder Clatter Wild Cub
  2. Jerk Ribs Kelis
  3. Digital Witness St. Vincent
  4. From Nowhere Dan Croll
  5. Desert of Pop The Ruby Suns
  6. The Bay Metronomy
  7. Do The Trick Dr. Dog
  8. The Old and the Young Midlake
  9. All I Know Washed Out
  10. The Love Club Lorde
  11. Change Of Coast Neon Indian
  12. Forever Haim
  13. Plenty Of Girls In The Sea MGMT
  14. Fall In Love Phantogram
  15. Up All Night (Brothertiger Remix) Soft Lighting
  16. Happy Get Lucky (Pharrell Vs. Daft Punk) Pomplamoose

Hope you likessss

Download: Spring Fling II
*Also, playlist on Spotify, and on YouTube

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