a swan song, of sorts

Hot off the digital press: A new set of experimental, electronic, tracks from Toca Tóno
 Pollito Records presents:
“before you go, just know: 1, 1, and 0”

Trip out on this eery circuital drumbeat combining electronic drones and acoustic sounds alike as the psychic machine calls out, “before you shut down, you gotta remember 1.1.0… 1.1.0…

 1-1 and O is the story of a sentient machine longing for its user. Upon shutting down it sends out a final message. Fittingly, this will be the last music from Toca Tóno as I’m leaving El Paso for good this autumn. It was a good ride, EPT, but greener pastures and all… Anyways, i hope you enjoy this last tune from my musical collaboration with Carlos “Xuck” Fidel.  Toca Tóno was a fun project and maybe our music will gain appreciation over time on the netherplane of the interwebs. Adieu, adieu.
(Be sure to download the .zip file, which contains an intro and outro)
Produced by Xuck @ Pollito Records (c) 2013

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