2 for U

Fire & Tree amalgamationI’ve long given up on this one-time amazing band. When I was a kid, their sounds seemed to permeate the very atmosphere– later i would discover it was just the radio. And for my entire adolescence this band could do no wrong (yes, not even “Discotheque”, cause the rest of Pop really kicked butt). But something happened about 10 years ago.

Uno, Dos, Tres, Catorce - from Vertigo

It wasn’t even the 11 missing numbers, or the bad song that followed, but something about that mirthful fancy-free lead-in to “Vertigo” really got to me– it was almost asking not to be taken seriously. And I TRIED not to take it seriously… but by that time I had already heard how good U2 could be. I mean, these guys had just created a soulful, mature, emotive blues sound for a soundtrack and they shelved it for…. THIS?!!! Nah, man, can’t have it 😦

Looking back, I think Atomic Bomb seemed to portend an apathy for their own music, by extension, their fans, and eventual slide into irrelevancy. So sad. These guys really should have called it quits at the turn of the century, but oh well. Must be a contract issue, cause they’ve been calling it in ever since.

Nevertheless, I present to you my all-time favorite albums from the fab Irish four. These are the sounds of progressive, devoted musicians, instead of the tired, repetitive pseudo-religious banter we get from them now. No, no, no, my friends, these are the gems of the 80’s– hahaha. A back-to-back complete collection of Unforgettable Fire and Joshua Tree; including, of course (cause this is how i roll), some sweet bonuses and b-sides from my personal collection.

Click the custom-made album art for the track listings. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. So get ’em now, before the government shuts down Mediafire. (knocks on wood)

FIRE cover & back

The Unforgettable Fire (Complete)

TREE cover & back

The Joshua Tree (Complete)


One thought on “2 for U

  1. I agree with you completely. I was very disappointed when Bono started counting off in their songs. I was not as big of a fan of U2 like you but had a lot of respect for them. The Edge is still a great guitarist but needs to break away from them for a while and come back as John Frusciante did with the Peppers. You saw what happened when he came back. They returned to their roots and grew as a band to produce in my opinion, even better music than their previous albums. Let’s face it, we need a break. Take a leave of absence “Edge” make some solo albums and return with passion. That’s my rant….

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