“Disintegration,” reintegrated

The Cure's Disintegration (Extended)
Re-integrated, now with more dread and gloom!

The Cure – Disintegration (Extended edition)

Presenting my very own recollected mix of the best gothic rock album The Cure put out. The regular tracks are there of course, but intermixed are some excellent songs that will make your experience completely new. With the unbelievably gloomy atmosphere in this mix you may just be tempted triple your dose of vicodin. YIKES!

Well, if Robert Smith had at this point in his career actually committed suicide, his ghost would’ve come back to make this record. That’s how dreary it feels 😮

  1. Plainsong
  2. Closedown
  3. Lovesong
  4. Fear of Ghosts*
  5. Last Dance
  6. Same Deep Water
  7. Homesick
  8. Lullaby
  9. Out Of Mind*
  10. Fascination Street
  11. Disintegration
  12. Babble*
  13. Pictures of You
  14. 2 Late*
  15. Prayers for Rain
  16. Untitled
  17. Pirate Ships*

The bonuses (*) are actual b-sides from my collection so the quality may not be the best on one or two, but don’t miss out on them because they really enhance the gloom of the rest of the tracks. So download it now and let it play while you drift off to sleep tonight–but watch out for the spider-man.

spider-man on the ceiling!

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